Social Media Overload

APPS-LOGOSAs much as I believe at times that I would be better off in a world without social media, I must admit that I am completely addicted to using it. I find it nearly impossible to resist the constant temptation of scrolling through my feeds at all hours of the day/night. However, I am NOT one of those people who constantly updates and posts about everything in their lives. In fact, I typically don’t make many posts–maybe a few per week– because I prefer to just see what is going on in the lives of others. I usually just use social media as a way to keep up to date and in contact with my friends and family.


Currently, I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, and Pinterest. Out of these six, I definitely use Vine the least. Before Vine became really popular in my area, my friends and I used to make a bunch of random Vines.  Once the “revine” button came into existence, I became less interested in the app for some reason.  Now I mostly just watch Vines that pop up on my Twitter feed.  I’m also not really that big of a Snapchat user. I don’t really like feeling like I need to look cute when I’m lounging around in my room after I’ve showered (or just look gross) when someone wants to talk to me.  I think that texting is so much easier. I do use it though when I want to quickly send a picture of something funny to someone!


Typically, I use my phone to check social media, but sometimes I use my laptop to check Facebook or Twitter.  I use Twitter as more of a way to speak my mind.  Random thoughts, opinions, feelings, song lyrics, and funny moments get posted to Twitter, while my pictures get posted in albums on Facebook. I don’t really post much on Facebook simply because I have a lot of people on Facebook who I wouldn’t necessarily consider to be my “friends.”  I save my more personal posts for my Twitter followers and post picture on Facebook just to let my family know I’m still alive! I use Facebook though to keep up with my family members since Facebook is the one social media site they use.


Unlike a lot of girls, I don’t spend much time on Pinterest. I’m rarely on Pinterest just to browse.  When I get on Pinterest it’s because I’m looking for something specific. For example, all summer I spent my free time Pinteresting different DIY dorm decorations.  Here are some pictures of the different canvases and crafts I’ve made for my room so far!

Although browsing through Pinterest for DIY’s may be fun, my absolute favorite and most used app is definitely Instagram. I absolutely LOVE taking pictures with my friends and family. Although I normally only post about one picture per week, I am constantly refreshing my feed!  Personally, I think the best way to capture and display who you are to others is through pictures.  By scrolling through someone’s Instagram you can tell a lot about them including what they’re interested in.  One feature I wish Instagram still had is the one where it allowed you to create your own location.  A lot of the time people used it as a second caption or to say something funny, but I really enjoyed it!  It would be cool if Instagram brought that back, but until then, feel free to follow me on Instagram and my other social media sites. I follow back!




2 thoughts on “Social Media Overload

  1. I use twitter in much the same way! Sometimes I use it as a pillow to scream in on the internet or a way to talk to a celebrity I would normally never have the opportunity to. I also use pintrest in a similar manner. I spend little stints of time sporadically searching for crafting or art inspiration to get inspirations for really cool diys.


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